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4 Key Features Every Lead Management System Should Have

Managing leads has become more important than ever. Not only can one not afford to simply drop leads anymore, the speed with which leads are followed up with and turned into paying customers is vital to the health of any business.

Many small businesses think they can manage with excel spreadsheets, task lists or even handwritten notes. These methods can work in some specific situations but are extremely prone to error, forgetfulness and ultimately, a loss of revenue. For this reason, we at BaseCloud believe that every Lead Management System should contain at the very least the below 4 core features.


Automatic live capturing of leads.

The days of manually writing things down is both very time consuming and open to errors. A good lead management system will automatically populate info into a lead sheet when leads come from emails, forms, calls and other channels (think Facebook Lead gen Ads, Chatbots on websites, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms).

Automatic system reminders

Some leads cannot be converted immediately. Many require follow-up at later stages. A quality Lead Management system will allow users to set reminders that will automatically remind users to follow up with overdue leads.

Advanced filtering and search options

Imagine if you have 1000 leads coming in every day. How will you find the leads relevant to just you as a member of the sales team? Perhaps you remember a customer’s name and wish to find their lead again? The ability to filter and search for leads quickly and easily is fundamental to a lead management system.

Reporting capabilities

Management is not interested in individual lead details. They want to see an overview. Even better graphs and figures. Lead management systems that can auto generate overviews and graphs have a big advantage when looking for trends and ways to improve your business or sales process.



If your current method of lead management does not include these 4 pillars it may be time to think about better managing your leads. We highly recommend the BaseCloud Lead Management System with Advanced Tracking if you are looking to better manage your leads and increase your revenue.

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