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Software to manage leads and clients effectively

A Uniquely South African CRM

  • Track and manage all leads and clients automatically with 100% accuracy.
  • Setup automation for your unique business processes.
  • Get notified before the ball is dropped.
  • Identify and solve business inefficiencies.
  • A Success Manager that continuously improves your business automation.
  • Accurate reporting at the click of a button.
  • Local and professional support.

WhatsApp integrated with BaseCloud CRM

Our software takes the manual process out of your work.

WhatsApp Integration

Integrating WhatsApp with BaseCloud CRM offers numerous benefits for businesses seeking to enhance customer relationships, streamline communication, and improve overall efficiency. By combining the power of WhatsApp automation and BaseCloud CRM, businesses can:

  1. Centralize customer data:
    Integrating WhatsApp with BaseCloud CRM allows businesses to consolidate all customer interactions and data in one platform. This enables a comprehensive view of customer history, preferences, and communication, resulting in better-informed decision-making and more personalized customer experiences.
  1. Improve response times:
    With WhatsApp integration, customer inquiries and messages can be managed directly within BaseCloud CRM. This allows businesses to respond more quickly and efficiently, enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering stronger relationships.
  1. Enhance team collaboration:
    By integrating WhatsApp with BaseCloud CRM, team members can collaborate and access customer information in real-time, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. This helps eliminate communication gaps and promotes seamless coordination across departments.
  1. Automate routine tasks:
    Integration allows businesses to automate tasks such as sending appointment reminders, updating customer records, or managing follow-up communications. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of human error.
  1. Track and analyze customer interactions:
    Track and analyze customer interactions to provide valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences. This data can be used to refine marketing strategies, improve products or services, and enhance overall customer experience.
  1. Personalize communication:
    By leveraging customer data stored in BaseCloud CRM, businesses can send personalized messages and offers to customers via WhatsApp. This targeted approach helps increase customer engagement and drive loyalty.
  1. Streamline lead generation and nurturing:
    BaseCloud CRM with WhatsApp integration can help businesses to manage leads more effectively, from initial inquiry to conversion. This includes tracking lead sources, nurturing prospects with personalized content, and monitoring the overall sales process.

Capture all phone calls emails website forms Facebook forms and LinkedIn forms

Why use BaseCloud CRM

Don't work harder, automate.

Manage your leads and clients in one central place

Increase your speed of operation

Automatic communication with customers

Define workflow to not drop the ball

Bulk communication (SMS / Emails)

Complete communication trails recorded

Automation unique to your business

Accurate Reporting

How much potential revenue is your business losing?

Without an efficient CRM and lead management system, you might be losing out on potential revenue.

Has your team missed leads before?

Are they taking too long to follow up?

Are you tracking all channels, including print media and billboards?


We build these process flows for your business

Our software takes the manual process out of your work.

  • Capture all phone calls originating from your Website, Facebook, Vehicle Branding and more.
  • Capture all emails coming into your business from various marketing platforms
  • Capture all Website Forms
  • Capture all Facebook and LinkedIn Forms, and more
  • Record incoming and outgoing calls
  • Automatically store these calls in the correct client profile
  • Have access to voice recordings of these phone calls
  • Get notified of missed calls and notify your clients of the missed call
  • Send emails and SMS’s to contacts, and/or make use of a list of email and SMS templates
  • Receive emails and SMS’s and have them stored under the correct client profile
  • Receive delivery, open, bounce and click reports
  • Send bulk emails and SMS’s
Send an email to someone:
  • Periodically, after XX days/months etc.
  • On status changes
  • On client detail/information changes
  • On any custom rule
Update contacts in MailChimp:
  • When status changes to something
  • When status changes from something to something else
  • On any custom rule
  • The CRM will remind you on what needs to happen today
  • Set future reminders for yourself
  • Set ‘ repeat’ reminders for yourself
  • Get a reminder if something did not happen
  • Send quotes and invoices from the CRM
  • These quotes and invoices will be sent through automatically to your accounting software
  • Get payment notifications through the CRM
  • Setup recurring invoices through the CRM
  • When the status does not change in XX days, notify the sales rep
  • When the status does not change in YY days, notify the manager
  • When something does not happen, notify someone

Real-world examples

Gain as much insight as you can by measuring where all of your leads are coming from.

Capture all phone calls from your website
When a call is missed your sales team gets a(n) email

When a call is missed your sales team gets a(n) email sms note

Record incoming phone calls.

By measuring your phone calls, you will be able to make important decisions and you will be able to address potential problems arising from them.

Save time sending typical repetitive messaging.

Receive delivery, open, bounce and click reports.

Send a bulk email / sms to your clients using templates

Send a bulk single email / sms to your clients using templates

When this happens , do something

Have the CRM notify you or your team on important information based on your own preferences.

Keep tabs on the progress of clients automatically – the CRM will send you notifications of ‘failure’.

Have your CRM perfectly synced up with your emailing software, like MailChimp, to ensure your email campaigns going out are perfect based on the most up-to-date information about the customer.

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Our Client Reviews

Our software takes the manual process out of your work.

Hanno Van Niekerk

BaseCloud Client

"Very impressed with Basecloud. Have been with them for a few years now and they provide excellent services with very detailed reporting. They truly are experts in their field.”


“Our business has truly grown due to the inputs of Basecloud. I would recommend them to any and all business owners who want to increase their leads, sales, and turnover. They are super professional and helpful. Thank you Basecloud team.”

Charmain Olckers

BaseCloud Client


BaseCloud Client

“Amazing service and customer support! The BaseCloud team is the BEST – always helpful, friendly and eager to assist, go over and above! Advance Tracking is user-friendly and world-class. I cannot say enough good things about this company, their staff and services - highly recommended!.”


“The Basecloud team has always been innovative and professional. I will recommend them to any business needing the exposure to continuously grow. Basecloud has helped my business Al Fresco Ovens grow from strength to strenth. Thank you!”

Alex Theron

BaseCloud Client

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Our software takes the manual process out of your work.

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