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– with a uniquely South African CRM solution at your fingertips!

Experience 5 Star Service.

How much potential revenue is your business losing?

Has your team missed leads before?
Are they taking too long to follow up?
Are you tracking all channels, including print media and billboards?

Without an efficient CRM and lead management system, you might be losing out on potential revenue.

Forget about complex and difficult to understand systems

BaseCloud CRM is simple and intuitive to use.

Are You Tracking All Marketing Channels, Including Print Media And Billboards?

With an efficient CRM and lead management system, you will never be losing out on potential revenue.

A Program Built for Growth

As Peter Drucker, the man who invented modern business management, famously quoted: “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”

A Program Built for Growth

As Peter Drucker, the man who invented modern business management, famously quoted: “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”

A Program Built for Growth

As Peter Drucker, the man who invented modern business management, famously quoted: “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”

A Program Built for Growth

Many small businesses world-wide are rife with inefficiencies not having any systems in place to help measure, manage and solve their daily problems. Those who do have systems, are generally expensive, manual and bulky.

Would you like to:

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, BaseCloud CRM is the solution for your team.

Don’t waste money on bulky systems with features that you don’t use.

We cater for everyone – from the small start-up, to the large corporate.

We only introduce the features that you need, so no more wasting valuable rands on functionality that you do not need.

The base monthly costing for a full Lead Management and CRM system:

  1. R1650 per month – for up to 8 users
  2. R200 per month per additional user

*special integrations may incur small charges

No software to install – access BaseCloud CRM from your web browser.

What Makes BaseCloud CRM Unique?

Our software takes the manual processes out of your work.

Everything is AUTOMATED

Phone calls (with recordings), emails and form submissions from your website, LinkedIn, Facebook and more pull through to our software automatically.

Analyze Marketing Channels

1) Google (Organic, Ads, GMB)
2) Facebook (Organic or Ads)
3) Billboards, Posters, Flyers
4) Radio
5) Vehicle Branding

Identify Missed Opportunities

Instantly know if your sales team has been missing calls / notifications or if they aren't getting back to leads quickly enough.

Keeps You informed

Identify where to spend more time and energy to improve your business operations.

Measure Everything Automatically

Literally everything from incoming calls, SMS, emails, website leads, billboards, print ads etc.

Improve Productivity Simply

By automating traditionally admin intensive tasks you'll be assisting potential clients faster leading to an increase in sales.

Assist Clients Effectively

The one asset no man can create more of. By using our software you'll be saving your team lots of time.

Stay Informed

Our software allows you to keep track of everything going on in your sales pipeline.



Client Reviews

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5 Star Rating
“We started using the services of BaseCloud 3 months ago. The data I receive from their tracking systems and the expertise with Google Ads, remarketing is the best I have seen. Getting the correct data into and from Google analytics is crucial for any business that wants to know and improve things like conversion rates and lead costs. Great work guys.”
Kin Le Roux
“I am extremely happy with Basecloud. The staff are very friendly, professional, caring and helpful. They have put in a lot of effort so far to help us increase our sales and lead generation. They had a direct influence in our sales booming in an upward direction. I would certainly recommend them to anyone who wants to boom his business. Well done Basecloud!”
Paulus Naude
“Very impressed with Basecloud. Have been with them for a few years now and they provide excellent services with very detailed reporting. They truly are experts in their field.”
Hanno Van Niekerk
“Our business has truly grown due to the inputs of Basecloud. I would recommend them to any and all business owners who want to increase their leads, sales and turnover. They are super professional and helpful. Thank you Basecloud team.”
Charmain Olckers
“Amazing service and customer support! The BaseCloud team is the BEST – always helpful, friendly and eager to assist, go over and above! Advance Tracking is user-friendly and world-class. I cannot say enough good things about this company, their staff and services - highly recommended!.”
“We started in January with them and the experience is superb! The results are coming in and they have literally opened a whole new door for us. BaseCloud offers really great client service, always available and they are very results orientated, which is obviously something we like!”
Robert Jacobs
“The Basecloud team has always been innovative and professional. I will recommend them to any business needing the exposure to continuously grow. Basecloud has helped my business Al Fresco Ovens grow from strength to strenth. Thank you!”
Alex Theron
“Exceptional service! BaseCloud did much more than just Google Ads for my business. Their advice and constructive critisism is very valuable. They are like internal auditors for my online shop. Thanks so much!”
Lilia Simeonova

Surprising Client Stories - How BaseCloud CRM Has Helped Businesses

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